This is Playboi Carti, he's the lead singer of the music prodution company, he owns a quarter of the company's shares, and is the main stylist for everyone.

This is me, I'm basically the guy you go to when you need something, a pack of gum, a pack of combs, a modifyable toothbrush, whatever it is i can get it.

This is Red from shawshank redemption, like not the actual guy, essentially It's Morgan Freeman from the year this was recorded in the red outfit, we have him around just as a general vibe. He makes about six figures and he just stands around.

Our main project manager, John DiMaggio, you might know him as the voice for Bender off of Futurama & Jake the Dog from Adventure Time, an absolute necessity to the group, he organizes everyone, and is also Playboi Carti's StepDad.